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Quezon - my paradise...ehem...thanks glenny for this pic.
Friday, January 28, 2005
  Jan 28.

From: maxwellandfriends@yahoogroups.com
To: maxwellandfriends@yahoogroups.com
Date: 26 Jan 2005 16:02:23 -0000
Subject: [maxwellandfriends] Reminder - Jeff's berdey

We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.

Jeff's berdey

Date: Friday, January 28, 2005
Time: All Day

he would have been 23 today. Last night, i prayed that his soul finds peace and that justice for him and his family would come soon...

this morning as i signed in to my yahoo account, i couldn't believe my eyes. I blinked a couple of times to see if i'm really seeing what i'm seeing. but there it is: a lone mail from Jeff.

imagine my disbelief! but then again, there's no reason to be spooked after all...

Jeffrey Gonzales wrote:
To: maxwellandfriends@yahoogroups.com
From: Jeffrey Gonzales
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 06:44:14 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: [maxwellandfriends] Reminder - Jeff's berdey

Dear Friends of Jeffrey,

Hello. This is Jeff's brother, Creighton.

Yes, January 28 is Jeff's birthday. He would have been 23.

I hope I didn't spook any of you by sending this email using his account. But this is the only way I could send this message to the group. And I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being there for me and my family when Jeff passed. But most especially, for being TRUE FRIENDS to Jeff all these years.

From all the stories that have gone around since he passed, we all know that the past year was a troubled one for Jeff. But one of the highlights for him last year was your Christmas get-together in Sucat (was it Dencio's or Gerry's? I forget). We waited up for him from that outing and he seemed in high spirits coming from seeing all - or most - of you.

His highschool years in St. Francis, and with the Maxwell Class, was really when my brother "came out of his shell" It was there that he developed his varied interests and honed his skills. It was there that he developed some of the closest and dearest friendships of his short life.

In honor of this, we the family of Jeff, together with the comapany he worked for, is working to put up an endowment (scholarship) fund. It will be called the Jeffrey Wernher L. Gonzales Endowment Fund through the auspices of SYKES Asia, Inc.

An endowment fund is a type of fund that, once set up, the principal amount cannot be withdrawn from or closed. Only the annual interest earnings can be used for the scholarship's requirements. This will ensure that it will perpetually benefit the purpose in which it has been created.

We hope to initially sponsor a 1st year highschool student for 2005-2006 but if we do not set it up in time then it will be for 2006-2007. Once our first 1st year scholar enters 2nd year, we will sponsor another 1st year scholar and so on, and so forth, until we will have a scholar in each year level.

This will be a FULL scholarship for each. This means the tuiton, books, uniform and even a daily allowance will be provided for. We envision this to be a coveted scholarship that would benefit an underpriveleged but very deserving individual or individuals to receive an education from teh Scince High School.

I will inform you when this fund has been set up. If you so desire, you may contribute to the fund then. The larger the fund becomes, the more interest it will earn. This, in turn, will allow us to sponsor additional scholars in the future.

We hope that by doing this, we will ensure that Jeffrey's legacy and memory will live on.

For now, though, I will ask that you continue to pray for the eternal repose of his soul. And to silently greet Jeff a "happy birthday".

Thank you all and I hope this finds you well.



his sister and uncle mentioned this when we went to the burial (which, by the way, i knew made Jeff smile because it was done beautifully) and i never had doubts that it would push through.

it makes me teary-eyed thinking about how his family went and are going through great lengths in honor of his memory. i remember creighton in the burial, asking us to keep in touch with his family because it will keep jeff's memory alive. and i know, despite the silence in our highschool mailing list, that jeff isn't far from everyone's thoughts...

happy birthday jeff! beam us a smile from up there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
  on a lighter side...

i didn't expect it would be this soon...but yes, i've decided am going back to Boracay this summer. yaayyyy! :)

and well...it looks like everything will be all set and paid for before i even get to tell my parents about it - again. hehe.


my nephew will be turning two years old next month. his vocabulary is still very limited to mama, papa, meme, and a lot of other incoherent one word babble. i've asked a lot of people about this but they said that's normal development for little boys. last time he came for a visit, he ran to me and shouted "Tita!" and it's the sweetest sound ever. :)

i am against toys that are remotely related to violence. but after seeing how much he enjoyed playing with our maid's son's toy gun...i finally gave in and bought him one for Christmas, constantly reminding his mom not to let him play with it too much. teehee.

this is jairo striking a pose for tita :)

family arrangement only allow our side of the family to see him at most twice a month. oh what joy it brings every time i discover something new that jairo can do. as of last, whenever you ask him what Nemo said, he would delightfully shout: "hu-ha-ha!" (from that part of the movie where they baptized him as sharkbait and kept chanting "sharkbait, hu-ha-ha!")

sigh. my nephew is such a little bundle of joy!


another friend (yes, rhea may aquino, that's you) is about to take a huge step for her career. and that means leaving the project, the country, and our happy little group of friends in pursuit of uhrm...greener pastures. and that also means no more impromptu coffee breaks at starbucks the fort at night, no more sleepy kulitan in the afternoon, no more let's-soothe-each-other's-heartache-with-words-of-wisdom bonding til morning, no more senseless talks, no more lunch breaks na kelangan pa ng memo...and a lot of other stuff.

sometimes you just can't help but hate CHANGE.

but rhea, because i love you, i'll pray that this path leads you to a more fulfilling and rewarding job...pero sana hindi mo na ipagbawal umiyak sa bon voyage party mo diba? hehe.

i'll miss you. that isn't so bad an excuse to cry isn't it?

dear Lord, sana when rhea gets there, matuto na sya mag-friendster. hahaha. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
  Justice for Jeff.

i have a tight-knit highschool groupie. we were a small class in highschool - composed of only 13 girls and 6 boys. even when we went our separate ways in college, most of us still kept in touch by getting together on birthdays, summers and Christmases.

Christmas 2004 was a special one for us because it marked our group's 10th Christmas together. We celebrated it by exchanging gifts, having dinner at Dencio's Sucat and hanging out at Julie's place afterwards. Throughout the night, we exchanged stories, caught up with each other's lives, joked around...oblivious to the tragedy that is about to befall one of us...


i can only remember snippets of our conversation that night. and am sorry that our last conversation (when we were in the car on our way back) had to be about work, work, work, and not about things that really matter and other things that (probably) bothered him especially during that time. i like looking at this picture of him though. i can remember him laughing during dinner over our friends' antics. he laughs easily and cracks real funny jokes too. i want that image of him etched in my memory.

i'll forego ranting about the newspaper article printed in Star and Abante Tonite (the stupid newspapers don't have an online archive anyway). i just want to say this:

To the editors of Abante Tonite:
i hope in the future you find more newsworthy topics for your headline instead of making a scandal out of a private person's life. and please. if you can't even get the name right, how are we even sure your news is credible?

To the editors of Philippine Star:
two men who has a heated argument, one of which, finds a fire extinguisher, while the other shoots him on the head in an attempt to DEFEND himself, does not make much sense to anyone who knows what DEFEND means. does it???

How the killer was able to get inside the office, considering he's not even an employee and there are supposed to be guards on the building and you need a proximity ID in order to open the door, shoot my friend, go out that damned door again, pass by the floor guard, wait for the elevator to go up the 25th floor, claim his license in the building lobby, and walk free, is beyond me.

i don't want his face hanging around my blog, so here's a link to the killer's Friendster profile --> Sherwin dela Cruz. anyone who knows him and his whereabouts, kindly inform the police, or email me.

Jeff was buried last saturday. he was supposed to turn 23 yrs old on January 28. I pray that his family and everyone who loves him would find justice by that time.

am still actually in denial. sometimes i just can't believe that he won't be popping me kamusta messages in YM anymore...or his ultra long MSN nick would never go online again...

i will be praying for you my friend. you will be greatly missed.

Saturday, January 01, 2005
  hap-hap-hap-happy new year to me!

if the first day of the year is any indication of how my whole 2005 will be like...then i'll definitely be bored to death this year. hehe.

i don't know when exactly i turned into a total palaboy. i swear. i used to be such a homebody. i loved staying at home, watching tv and stuffing myself up with all kinds of junk food.

but now, staying at home bores me nearly to death (seeing as how am still alive right now). am aching to go out right about now...i wanted so bad to watch the fireworks in ATC but no one would come with me. :(

i'd give anything to have a coffee buddy right now. anyone? anyone?


i want to be swept off my feet because i know i'm worth it...


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