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Quezon - my paradise...ehem...thanks glenny for this pic.
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
  lights at the end of my tunnel...
these are the dates m looking forward to.

April 19 - lola tutbras buddy comes home. finally! (hurry home lola!)
April 23-25 - Quezon Part 2! 'nuff said
May 8-9 - project team building in Subic
May 15-16 - Galera with HS friends

*April 4 - i'll get to see my nephew again!

the apple of my eye...

Tuesday, March 30, 2004
  there's a rainbow always after the rain...
and i believe my rainbow will come soon enough.


fallin' out fallin' in
nothing's sure in this world no no
breaking down breaking in
never knowing what lies ahead
we can really never tell it all no no

say goodbye say hello
to a lover or friend
sometimes we never could understand
why some things begin then just end
we can really never have it all
no no no ohh

but oh, can't you see
that no matter what happens
life goes on and on
and so baby just/please smile
coz im always around you
and i'll make you see
how beautiful life is for you and me

take a little time baby
see the butterfly’s colors
listen to the birds that were sent to sing for me and you
can you feel me
this is such a wonderful place to be

even if there is pain now
everything will be alright
for as long as the world still turns
there will be night and day
can you hear me
there's a rainbow always after the rain

hittin' high hittin' low
win or lose you should go
yeah yeah
getting warm getting cold
weather can be so good or bad
but baby this is life so dont get mad
no no no

life's full of challenges
not all the time we get what we want
but dont despair my dear
you'll take it each trial
and you'll make it through the storm
coz you're strong
my faith in you is clear
so i'll say once again
this world's beautiful
let us celebrate life that's so beautiful
so beautiful...

Monday, March 29, 2004
  this is the life...
going out on a friday night...drinking, talking, and having fun with friends until the last bar in eastwood closes up at 5:30AM...going for a joy ride...seeing my friends' faces tired, but happy as they get out of the car...sleeping in on saturday morning...eating a yummy lunch prepared by a loving friend...doing puzzles til we get crossed-eyed looking at all 2,000 pieces of it...stuffing ourselves with junk food and ice cold coke...sleeping in the whole sunday, wishing you won't have to work on monday...and then coming in on monday morning having your wish granted because the system is till under maintenance. yay! we'll be sent home by noon. :)

isn't this the life?

looking at a honda parked in front of us...

lasing lang ba ako or was your car a toyota when we came here last night?
- me @ 5:45AM

soooo, a glass of wen-weng in an empty stomach made me see that his car really is a honda. teehee.

Friday, March 26, 2004
i came across this really funny website...some of the stuff totally cracked me up. hahaha. i'll be posting some of the really good ones from time to time. :)

sneaky those ifs...

  make way Pretty Woman!

i've been wanting to watch 50 First Dates since Monday. but due to the very small problem of not having somebody else to watch it with, i only got to watch it last night (finally!). and it didn't disappoint. needless to say, i fell in love with the movie. actually, it topped my all time favorite romantic movie Pretty Woman. :)

m definitely going to buy the VCD and add it to my collection when it comes out. (or the pirated DVD if it comes out first. teehee.)
Thursday, March 25, 2004
  really. i will.
a txt message i received from my guy best bud chie at 1:10 AM last March 21:
Rmmbr un uspn ntn dti n pg mgkk-gf ako e ikw ang 1 s mga unang mkkalam? wel,am fulfilin dat promis.Ü

of course during that moment, i was both genuinely happy for my friend who's been single since birth, and touched that he remembered the promise we made 8 years back. i knew The Day was nearing when we last met for dinner in greenbelt 3 weeks ago...about a week after my bf broke up with me. i know i should have told him that time. but i just didn't have the heart to burst his bubble of romance. he was all aglow with the prospect of finally finding The One.

and now this. the guilt is starting to gnaw at me. it's been almost a month and i haven't had the guts to tell him yet. how would you feel if at the start of your own lovelife, you will be greeted with the horrendous news of your friend's 6-year relationship breakup??? i can just imagine how he would act so big brotherly and protective...and he would start asking questions that i have no answers yet...and he would ask me how i'm doing...and he would imagine what i went/am going through...and he would imagine how much i've cried...and he would feel mad...and so on...

it's a scary thought. but i really really have to tell him. he'll be hurt if he heard it from somebody else. promise i'll tell him when the next opportunity comes...really. i will.

wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
it's Sims-Hot Date/House Party deja vu all over again. i've spent my day so far (not working, but...) designing and redesigning my bloggie. reminiscent of those times when my best friend and i would spend day in and day out in front of the pc designing our Sims' houses using that magic word over and over again. klapaucius! klapaucius!

i wish i could say klapaucius and make all these TDs and DDs disappear. tsk. tsk.


been looking at pictures i can upload so i can link it here and found this...that's me spelling L in HELP. i like this pic, although i never knew what happened to the shot where we were facing the camera. hahaha.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
  i'm a little bit of crazy, a little bit of a fool...
i've been lurking around friend-bloggers and stranger-bloggers for a while now. i still have yet to find my way around here. i want to personalize the template for starters. i also want to put pictures and links...and what-nots...hmmm...but right now, it doesn't matter that i have absolutely no idea how. i guess i'm just feeling a bit melancholic. and there are too many things i want written down so it would stop crowding my head...and so starts this online saga of my life...

i want to be swept off my feet because i know i'm worth it...


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